The best senior downsizing services in Smithville MO can be challenging to find. Plus, when it’s time to help a loved one with the next life step so many options are available. However, perhaps the most challenging part of downsizing can be making all of the hard decisions. At Shields Estate Solutions our experts help make an extremely difficult process much easier for everyone involved! Additionally, our objective professionals provide estate liquidation services no matter the size of your estate, large or small.  senior downsizing services

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Reasons for Downsizing

Here are some reasons that many seniors choose to downsize their living areas:

  • Medical Needs – change in caregiving, equipment necessary for care
  • Logistics – stairs, small doorways, bathroom facilities, too much space
  • Lifestyle Change – unwanted space, home amenities no longer useful

Perhaps you can understand the above reasons for wanting to move to a new location. 

Seniors With Many Possessions and Memories

Shields Estate Solutions is a perfect match when you or your loved one has lived a long time in the same residence but now wants or needs to move onto the next life stage. We tell our clients to “take everything you want and leave the rest to us!” With our tailored services available to match your needs, we work with several moving companies, estate sale companies and realtors. Our service simply depends on what you need. Think of us as your “downsizing general contractor” who will organize a team of experts to downsize your property and possessions.

Current Living Space Needs Changes

Perhaps you are not ready to move out at this time but have accumulated more items than you have space. What’s more, maybe you need space with more personal safety in mind. In either case, Shields experts are ready to help with making your current living arrangements more adaptable for your current needs.

Is It Time to Move?

Whether you choose to age in place and want to make your present home into a better situation or you decide to move, help is available. Housing options become more important with aging for safety and security reasons. 

Here are a few suggestions we offer to help you:

  • Call Shields Estate Solutions – allow experts with objectivity to assess your situation
  • Plan Ahead – allow yourself some time to process your options
  • Look for Customer Service – hard to find but will make your experience great

Senior Downsizing Services Are Available in Smithville, MO

We are ready to help you and your family
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